The more complex the tasks are in an organization, the more the desire for simplification arises.

The wider the scope of decisions, the more the need for reliability of decision support arises.

Based on this insight, we founded moldobjects in 2017.

The consistent use of innovative software in production supports the decision-makers and helps you to develop efficient solutions to complex problems.

We see ourselves as a competent, solution-oriented partner for your company.

We are a young start-up that takes "Diversity" seriously. Specialists from different disciplines:

  • Tooling
  • software development
  • process analysis
  • Management
  • Plastic industry experts

can be found in our team.

Here one learns from the other.

Proximity to research and teaching is very important to us. Some of our experts teach at universities about their specialties.

Our corporate culture is characterized by mutual esteem, respect and trust. This trust is also given to us by our customers.

We develop passion for their progress.

Meet us.